Will today be raining?

a tale of rain drop

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At first, when I am creating this blog, it is just for fun. Time do flies unbelievably fast, it has been 8 – 9 years since I created this blog!

Still, I am just using it for writing anything that I found interesting. I love to write. But, lately, especially since I am entering the “real world” (the work life), I cant find anything really interesting to write on. Even though there is a lot of things I can share to you, a lot of knowledge, but I can’t find the motivation and time to do it. I am thinking of remaking this blog to focus on only one things, but will it really gives any values?

What if I use this blog to exercise and share my skill about Internal Audit or IT Audit, since I have competencies on both of those? will it be interesting enough? Or should I write some tips and tricks about how to pass both of CISA and CIA Exam on the first try? Or should I use this blog to share about my little experience in programming, at least on the basic so anyone who want to learn about programming can come to this place? Or should I use this blog to share about interesting things that I learn along the way, like MBTI personality, stock trading, personal finance, etc? Or should I just use it as a means to share my experiences with places that I visited?

I love  to write, I want to learn to make a places with contents that can benefit other people – for the fun of it! Well… But laziness do takes it’s good tolls one me (laugh on loud). Hm… I dont really know.. I cant promise anything. I will think about it but don’t put too much hopes on it.


Author: Irwan Kurniawan

I keep walking the paveway Look up to the gray sky A drop of rain fall on my nose Will today be raining?

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