Will today be raining?

a tale of rain drop

Ambition and Contentment

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There are always 2 sides of the same coin. A lot of people is speaking of contentment as the way of reaching happiness, by giving thanks for every little things we have and be content with our life. But will it really give us happiness? How much should we be content with our life? What kind of life we want?

There are a lot of story about persons whom have been forgetting about the worldly life and live a simple life, living with nature, without money, and they seem very happy about it.

There are also a lot of story about a person whom trying to be content and live his life at the moment, enjoying everything as he can. But his life become unhappy once he started to reach 40s.

There are a lot of story about persons who is very ambitious and trying to own the world, they seems confidence, they seem happy too, and they just seems amazing to us.

There are also a lot of story about a person whom trying to reach his ambition, just to be found to drop flat on the ground, beaten by the world and unable to crawl back. And his life just seems to be miserable – and all of the other people blaming him and his ambition, that he is head over heels with his unworldly ambition.

My question is: “What should we try to reach? Our ambition or our contentment? Should we try our best to conquer the world, or just make peace with the world?”

The hardest choices in the world is not picking one sides of the coin. But to know the balance between the two and keeping it.

girls walk across plank

Rather than picking one of the two, rather than trying to conquer the world or trying to be content with our current life, we should know where we want to go, who we want to be, what we want to do. To live that life, where we will not have any regret whenever we should left this world, and waking up with full of energy every morning!

Have we know our balance? What is important to us? Who we want to be? What we want to achieve?

Have I know mine? I am not sure yet, but I think I already grasp a thread of it, of where I should I go..


Author: Irwan Kurniawan

I keep walking the paveway Look up to the gray sky A drop of rain fall on my nose Will today be raining?

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