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I really wish that Indonesia can grow to become a respectful country, if not in the world, at least in the region of south east asia, or even asia – commensurable to china or japan.

As I am an IT person, i do often take a look of life based on my IT experience and perspectives. Three key aspect of process transformation in IT are people, process, and technology. And I think this can be implemented in our country too. First and foremost that need to be done for Indonesia is to improves its people, its Human Resources. When we are talking about human resources, we do not exclusively talking about its skill and knowledge. We are talking about human as a whole, their livelihood, their perspective, their way of thinking.

Not long ago, when our president running for candidacy, he is often caught talking about mental revolution. Alas, I cannot see any action through it. I love our president and support him much, I know that he has a lot of things to do, to changes, with in this country. Its only that I fear he doesn’t have suitable peoples beside him. A king is only as good as its ministers. No one man can do all the jobs needed by this country.

For me the foremost problem with in Indonesian people is their way of handling problem. They often do not make decision based on adequate information. They make decision based on whim, of what they look, hear, or feel on the time. They always think that life will keep goes on smoothly. And why not? This country is heaven, where a simple stick can grow into food and fruit grow all year long on the tree, free for taking.

Technology-wise, a lot of our people are capable of accessing the vast information within internet. But they only access the “fun” information, such as social media. No wonder, our country are the largest consumer of social media. Moreover, where do we get the “useful” information from our country? Very little or even non-existent.

They often do not feel the urge to search for the right information they need when they are making decision. The simplest example is when they are sharing information, they do not even take time to think whether this is a correct information or just hoaxes around the internet. They take what they look, hear, read, and feel as the “true” information. We are being taught to take what being given to us from elementary schools as it is, our teacher never wrong. I think that’s the main reason why a lot people in this country become like that.

And whats more? Our country often do not have information for us to make a good decision based on adequate information. Take example on the usage of technology with in our government. I do not even talking about information system and process using the technology in here. I do not talking about the e-budgeting, e-procurement, or e-whatever that our president wish to accomplish. I am talking about a simple source of information from our government – their website. Government should act as an enabler for the people in her country to grow, and the simplest things she can do is provide a useful information for its people. But even looking at the government website make me ashamed of myself.

I am not talking about the “look and feel” part of the website. For me, that’s not the most important things of a website. But, i am talking about the content. They often provide very little or obsolete, if not useless information within their website. We are being kept unknown of the condition within our country, whilst other country or organization that have vast resources can access it quite easily. They do their own survey or “maybe” even buying inside information from government body? I do not really know, but most of the time I found out that they have much better information than what we can get from our own country.

Maybe, our government thinking there is too little demand, if not non-existent, of information within our people. That’s why they provide nothing? How do we make our people realize the power of decision making based on adequate information? How do we can push our government to help us going that way? And how we integrate our people, process, and technology to bring changes to our country as a whole?

For example, A lot of researcher abroad already talking about the incoming of El Nino from last year, and even more in this 2 – 3 months. And i only see one news about El Nino from our local media. ONE NEWS. Well, maybe i am not searching enough, but my point is, do our people understand how it will affect them? Do they even know what El Nino is?

The researcher said that this year’s El Nino might be a major one. Which means it will have quite a great impact on rainfall amount. Other country has already released which area’s weather/rainfall will be impacted by the El Nino and how much they predict the impact will be. But in our country that kind of information is non-existent.

Do our farmer know the incoming of El Nino? I dont know.

There are lots of other examples, but if I write all of them in this writing, it will be too much to read. But, I hope that I make my point in here:
1. People only as good as the information they have and how they process the information they have, in which our country still have not or do not even have the awareness of it.
2. Information is needed to transform process and our people still not realize the power of information based decision making within their lives. They have been living a fun and wonderful life for centuries or even millennia with in this country, in which a simple wood can grow into food, and all nice fruit easily grow all year long on the tree – free for taking. Rarely they have the needs to make a proper decision based on information, they make decision based on whim, on whats best right now, based on what they look, hear, or feel. Nothing can go wrong with their livelihood.
3. Technology is needed to transfer information and there are not enough adequate infrastructure to support the birth of related technology. We do not have adequate skillful and knowledgeable people to do it. Even we have enough people to implement it, we just do not have the right tools for it.
4. What people do to use the technology is called the process, and our process just do not have the adequate room for the proper technology usage. A lot of process within our country has been bureaucratization to the point that it is ineffective and inefficient. And a lot of paperwork is needed within that bureaucracy.

All of the points above make us stop growing and became a fire fighter, fighting against the fire of problem in front of us. We forget to see far into the future. we forget our goal – if it do exists. We going nowhere ceasing the fire of problem in front of us.

I hope our government will realize that they should have a good vision and mission to lead our country to better future. And that vision and mission should be communicate to the people, sow deep into people way of thinking, so we can move as a whole – for the better Indonesia.


Author: Irwan Kurniawan

I keep walking the paveway Look up to the gray sky A drop of rain fall on my nose Will today be raining?

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