Will today be raining?

a tale of rain drop

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I’ve been using google chrome as my main browser for some months now. At first, I do feel it’s faster, especially when you are opening page with great visual or any media embedded in it. But after using it for quite a lot of activities, I’ve found out something terrible of it. It’s consuming too much of my memory! Everytime I open 7-8 tabs at once or even more, yeah I love to open a lot of tabs and I know some of you do like it too, It’s became unstable and crash on me. Even worse, my other applications also going unresponding on me!

Well, I wish google will fix it. Chrome is a great browser and I hope It will be fixed in the near future. For now, back to firefox!


Author: Irwan Kurniawan

I keep walking the paveway Look up to the gray sky A drop of rain fall on my nose Will today be raining?

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