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Plant vs Zombies: The Last Stand

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Lately. I’ve been addicted to play this game: “Plant vs Zombies”, but not the all parts of the game, only one simple part of it called “The Last Stand”. What is it? Well, for all of you whom have been playing the game, you already know how to play this game right? A group of zombie will be moving in quite slow to average speed, trying to enter your home and eat your brain (they claim that its their rights, the so-called zombie rights). You are trying to defend your home using various type of plant. For procuring the plant, no you don’t money, but you need “sun”, except here “the sun” is quantified into number and not the one and only sun up above.

The last stand is where the story elevated much more. It’s the last stand of your fights with the zombie. You have only got 5000 quantified sun for procuring your defense-strategies-plant. You must pick the best placement for your  plant to fight the zombie. Doing so, you are ready to fight the zombie separated in 4 attack-wave.

The question is: “what is the best placement for your plant-defense-line”, so you can defense and, at the same time, grabbing as many moola as you can (oh I forgot to say, money still exists in this world)”.

After experimenting for oh-so-many-times, This is the best defense line that I came up with. Basically I only need to change the front “Garlic” plant since It got eaten every attack wave.



Author: Irwan Kurniawan

I keep walking the paveway Look up to the gray sky A drop of rain fall on my nose Will today be raining?

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