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Uncharted Water II : New Horizon

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Uncharted Water is one of my favourite game when I was still a child. There were 2 series I played back then, Uncharted Water I and Uncharted Water II. These game are about the age of voyage in 16th century, when the european explorer trying to sailing on the sea as the new alternative ways because of the blocked land routes by Ottoman empire.

In Uncharted Water I, we play as a man named Leon Franco, whom trying to restore the family’s former glory and achieve his dream. If I remember it correctly, the game ended when Leon found the treasure from the treasure map he founded.

In Uncharted Water II, we have 6 character to be played : Joao Franco from Portugal, Catalina Erantzo from Spain, Otto Baynes from England, Ernst von Bohr from Holland, Pietro Conti from Italy, and last but not least, Ali Vezas from Turkish. My favourite character is Joao Franco which the son of the former playable character on Uncharted Water I, Leon Franco. Joao mission is to discover the secret of the lost atlantis continent.

These game have a wonderful game play, even if I already played it times I still am found my self entertained. We can do trading by buying and selling goods from port to port, exploring the uncharted places in our map and found a lot of things we may never know, and even battling with merchant (as a pirate), pirate, or even the naval officer by shooting ship’s cannon or dueling on a plank.

I found these game has helped me a lot in my geography when I still in elementary school. These game used a blind map as a helper for the player to find the port when doing mission. To find the port, I must open the map and in which way helped me to remembering the port and the country. These game also helped me to remembering the history by talking to the citizen in the game, sometimes they’ll tell us the story in their port/country. These game helped with math too, when we do the trading, we must know how much we should buy and how much we should sell and at where to have fortune.

Here is one of the picture when I need to open the map just to find a port, lol :


Author: Irwan Kurniawan

I keep walking the paveway Look up to the gray sky A drop of rain fall on my nose Will today be raining?

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