Will today be raining?

a tale of rain drop

[Poetry] Journey

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One of my favorite self creation poem…

I feel like I am in a journey… a journey of life… I truly want to see the end… I can’t hold on to continue this journey… I want to surrender… I keep rushing just to quickly end this journey… Coz I don’t even know If I’ll find someone at the end of this journey.. I have no more purpose in this journey…



On this Lonely journey
I keep my pace
Walking slowly through the sand
Lining the sea shore

Wave rushing the shore
Wind blowing gently away
Fallen leaves flying disorderly
I keep walking steadily

Twilight on the horizon
The ocean turn yellow
seagull lining on the sky
My pace became faster

Dusk sky gimme restlessness
Star silently crying over
Moon hide her face
Worries made me running

Night has became deep
yet this Night haven’t finished
Keep chasing your shadow
Before consumed by the sun

After the sun rise
Will your shadow disappear?
Will you be there?
At the end of this journey?

If this journey ended
Will I met you?
If this time ended
Will you be there?


Author: Irwan Kurniawan

I keep walking the paveway Look up to the gray sky A drop of rain fall on my nose Will today be raining?

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