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[Review] Chrono Trigger


Chrono Trigger


Just finished this game. LOL. It’s a game from my childhood. I have already played this game for quiet a time, yet it’s the first time I do read the story. *laughing*. It’s funny though when I am playing this game before, I just press the ‘A’ button and skip all the story. I have been to lazy to read the story.  It’s causing me unable to understand the game’s story. Now I am following the story, I found out this game do have a great story and maybe remarked as one of the greatest RPG Game. *two thumbs up*

At the ending scene, where the credit for the game shown up, I am surprised by the name of Akira Toriyama (The maker of legendary comic : Dragon Ball) shown up. Well, even though I have been playing “Chrono Trigger” for quiet a time since my child hood and have a feeling that the “Chrono character” do have some similarities with “Son Goku” from Dragon Ball, I’ve never pay any attetion to the credit though. LOL. I’m taking my hat off for Akira Toriyama and his work’s life.

The hero of this game is named Chrono. Looks like he got his name from the word “Chronology”. Since it’s a story about time, to found out the flow of event from time to time. How they change the flow of event in some way and change the chronology of the history.

This game telling a story about a boy named Chrono doing some adventure through time with his companion to save the world. There is an entity, the earth, the gaia, the universe itself, that arranging all these things to happen, to save itself. The entity helping Chrono and his companion in the journey through the time. The power of people, the time itself, and themselves help them through all the things that they should face.

Chrono and his companion traveled through the time from prehistory age (65.000.000 BC) until the future (2.300 AD) and future of the future (the end of time). They meet a lot of people and learn a lot of thing. Create an unbreakable bond between him and his companion. Yet, every meeting should face the ending. At the end of the story, even though they have face a lot of thing together, they should go their separate way. The entity has helped them to met, they have fulfilled their destiny, the time wil flow in it’s normal way once again. The time gate will never be opened again since the entity will rest now, thus they should say good bye each other.

Viva Square Soft (Square Enix now) for creating this great RPG!

Rating : 9.5/10

The End

Trivia : Akira Toriyama’s handwork do make Chrono looks a lot like Son Goku from Dragon Ball



Author: Irwan Kurniawan

I keep walking the paveway Look up to the gray sky A drop of rain fall on my nose Will today be raining?

2 thoughts on “[Review] Chrono Trigger

  1. Chrono, chrono, wake up chrono
    jadi teringat dulu pas SD nabung tuk beli cartridge versi Super nintendo-nya

    cerita yang dalam…

    • yep, cerita nya keren
      dulu saia mainnya kelas 5 atau 6 sd rasanya dan sudah ada versi emu snes di komp XD. Maklum ga punya snes T_T
      Meski waktu itu masih ingat banget gara2 emunya jadul jadi di 2.300 AD nya ga kliatan apa2 ketutup kabut =.=

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